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Money Notes #30 – The Bi-Weekly Newsletter from Halo Invest

Two notes in one month. Only the most useful, relevant, and practical entries on finance and money. If you like our notes, invite your friends.

Two notes in one month. Only the most useful, relevant and practical entries on finance and money. If you like money notes #30, invite your friends to subscribe here.


Happy new month! I know you haven’t heard from me in a while and you miss me, but I’m here now! How are you doing? I hope this mail finds you well! (I hope I didn’t trigger any work anxiety there, 😂)

A lot has happened in the country this week and I hope you are taking enough time to rest. You should know that stress can lead to poor decision-making and that a level head helps you make better financial decisions.

In this week’s newsletter, I’ll include a few exciting stuff that will help you relax and put a smile on your face.

Halo Feature is back!

Every week, we talk to Nigerians around the world about money and how they make it. This week features Charles Njoku, a product designer and tech entrepreneur. He spoke to us about his tech start-up, Spire, and the challenges he has had to face as a first-time founder. 

If you are interested in the tech space, you are a start-up/potential start-up founder, an entrepreneur, or you simply are interested in getting money tips, read the interview here.

For You

Fun, useful stuff you will absolutely love!

Have you seen Netflix Naija’s Blood Sisters? Did you connect with any of the characters? We curated a quiz where we guess what your Blood Sister’s character is and your affinity to risks as an investor based on the characters. Take the quiz.

Investor Sabinus definitely always knows how to crack us up! 

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