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Two notes in one month. Only the most useful, relevant, and practical entries on finance and money. If you like our notes, invite your friends.

Two notes in one month. Only the most useful, relevant and practical entries on finance and money. If you like our notes, invite your friends to subscribe here.

Hey, you! What’s up?
Me? I’m quite chill actually.
Nah, that’s not true. It’s been a stressful couple of days. I know you’ve heard people say it many times, but I actually do not mind repeating how the entire concept of adulting is a scam. I mean, I do enjoy the liberty of taking more than one meat from time to time, it’s the difficult decisions I find quite annoying.

I’m glad I have a few things off my plate, such as worrying about what’s happening with my money. I can trust that Halo Invest is working in my best interests. Yes, I am a shameless plug, but I wouldn’t be saying it if it wasn’t true. Why don’t you download the Halo Invest app to find out for yourself?

However, as much as I would love to make you my makeshift therapist, that’s not why I am here. I have some gist I think you’ll enjoy. Let’s get right into it.

Expo: There’s some extra fun stuff at the end of this letter.

Hot Topic in Finance

Industry conversations we think you should know.

Money Investments

What do you know about investing?

I think it’s a thing with a lot of people to assume that everyone else should know all there is to know when it comes to handling money, but we know not to make that mistake. No matter how difficult money discussions are, we know they have to be had because we care about you. Really, we do. That’s why we had an article out earlier in the week. You should check it out here.

Speaking of investments, I bet you’ve also heard rumours of a possible recession in the U.S.A, I mean, the U.S. President, Joe Biden himself claims it is inevitable. I went through the trouble of looking for an article to explain the impact of recessions on investors. That’s very useful information right there. Don’t mention.

Money Tip

Knowledge you can use

A few things to consider when making investments

  1. Assess your financial situation. When you do this, you can figure out what your goals are.
  2. Understand the risks involved in whatever investment you are exploring. Are these risks you are willing to take? What do you feel about the possibility of losing your money? What if this doesn’t yield as many returns as you thought it would?
  3. Seriously consider diversifying your investment portfolio. You can not make the best of investing your money when it’s in just one asset category. Mix it up. Try out different categories in their respective market conditions. You never can tell how things turn out; when one market is down, you have a cushion in another.
  4. Do your due diligence by conducting thorough research into whatever you’re putting your money into. This cannot be overemphasized. It’s an unsavoury experience to have your money in anything remotely connected to fraud.
  5. Always set some money aside for emergencies. Any wise investor knows this. It’s a foolhardy thing to do to not consider the possibility of emergency situations and to tie all of one’s money down in investments. Don’t do it.

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 I saw this hilarious skit on Instagram and I thought you should see it too. Watch it here.

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