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Two notes in one month. Only the most useful, relevant, and practical entries on finance and money. If you like our notes, invite your friends.

Two notes in one month. Only the most useful, relevant and practical entries on finance and money. If you like our notes, invite your friends to subscribe here.

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How to do a Finance Health Check

Did you know it’s easy to run into debts and unhealthy spending habits when you don’t review your financial situation? Just as how vital it is to our health to have regular medical checkups, our finances should also undergo health checks.
Is it a rigorous exercise? Most probably, but if you’re serious about being financially responsible, you should conduct a finance health check. We’ve highlighted 7 ways you can run a finance health check in this article.

Hot Topic in Finance

Industry conversations we think you should know.

If in 2020, the future you appeared, told you that in 2022 Jack Dorsey wouldn’t own Twitter anymore and it would belong to Tesla’s Elon Musk, what would have been your reaction?!
Not long after the news of becoming Twitter’s largest shareholder, Billionaire business magnate, Elon Musk strikes a deal to acquire Twitter for $44bn. What could this mean for the users of the social media platform?

Also, there appears to be a scarcity of U.S. Dollars in Kenya. leading to directives of rationing the scarce dollars by the Central Bank of Kenya.

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