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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours. We hope you’re having a splendid holiday.

This will be the last Money Notes newsletter you’ll be receiving from us in 2021, as we all take some time to rest and enjoy the holiday. It’s been an amazing ride sending you gems this year and we look forward to what 2022 brings.

Let’s take a look back at some of the best notes and articles we shared with you this year.

Money Notes Recap

Money Notes 2: the one where we explained how you can make your first investment decision using a metaphor: Nigerian artistes as companies in the stock market.

Money Notes 4: if you’ve ever wondered what an hour of your time is worth, we broke down how to calculate it here and how to make more money with your time. 

Money Notes 5: we shared the sweet secret of compound interest here and how real estate works.

Money Notes 12: we talked about ride-hailing apps and surge. If you’re out and about this holiday, then you should read this for tips to cut costs on rides. 

Money Notes 15: want to build generational wealth? Then you should check out the gems we dropped here.

Favorite Halo Invest Reads of 2021

7 Nigerians Tell Us How They Made Their First Million
In this article, John shares how he made 6.8 million naira at age 26.

6 Money Myths That Affect Women’s Pockets
You’ve probably heard worse, but these crazy myths affecting women’s finances would make you cringe.

If The Nigerian Naira Notes Could Speak, What Would They Say
Ever wondered what Nigerian notes would say if they could speak? We made an interesting and relatable case in this article.

Looking for smart ways to collect your money back from a debtor before 2021 runs out? Read this – Here Are The Best Ways to Collect Your Money From a Debtor.

9 Financially Toxic People You Are Probably Friends With
We are not suggesting that you cut some friends off in 2022, but you might want to check if you have financially toxic people around you.

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Christmas movies that are worth watching this holiday.

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How emojis, slang, and plain jokes are becoming the new language of investing.

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