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How to say no as a people pleaser, so you don’t end up broke.

When you just paid your bills and you have some money left

Today’s Halo Feature on how this makeup artist makes money.

This hilarious meme on how you react to travel expenses this holiday season.

Davido launched a social token – $Echoke and Nigerians are excited about it.

A recap from our Clubhouse table talk

We held the fifth edition of our Clubhouse event last Wednesday, November 27 in style! 

It was a major success thanks to our guest speakers and everyone that showed up and shared their personal experiences and opinions on the topic – Finance and Squad Goals.

We also got to talk about how to navigate financial imbalance in friendships, split the bill, and achieve financial fitness with your friends. 

To read some of the amazing gems our speakers dropped at the event, check this hashtag: #HaloUncut on Twitter.

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