7 Nigerians Tell Us How They Made Their First Million

Do you remember how you earned your first million?

We asked a couple of Nigerians to tell us how they made their first million and share the feelings that came with it and here’s what they had to say;


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I made my first million at 23.

It was about 1.5 million naira, I was working back then and I decided to put money into some investments and they yielded profits.

It made me so excited, but it fuelled the desire to make more.

1 million naira began to feel like 100k. It was fulfilling sha. I kept looking at my balance with joy.

Luckily, I didn’t spend it all. I re-invested a large part of it and used the rest to pay bills.

It would have been better if I used the money to go on vacation and enjoy myself. Over time, I have realized that the money will always come back. I also need to enjoy myself while making money.


I was still a student when I earned my first million at 19. It was around 1.1 million and I made it from practicing music.

Omoo! I was on top of the world, I felt like I could buy anything! I flexed and put a large portion back into my music.

If there is anything I wish I had used the money for, it would be buying Bitcoin.

I for become billionaire today 😭

Esther, IT Specialist

I earned my first million when I was 17.

I had worked on a research project which involved the database of a new university system and got paid 1.5million naira to 1.7milllion naira. It didn’t seem like a big deal to me then because I was young.

It was realizing that I made my first million at 17 as I grew older that made me start to feel a sort of accomplishment. But at that time, I just felt the same way everyone does when they’re paid for work they did.

Haha, I was so unwise with the money.

I was fully sponsored by my parents then so I didn’t use it for anything useful. I spent the money by traveling to 3 countries in Asia and had a great time.

Now, I totally wish that I had invested that money in people I know that have skills, and also in crypto.

But the memories of Asia are worthy contenders for the regret lol.

Nnenna, Doctor

I was 25 when I earned my first million. It was exactly 1.5 million naira.

At that time I was doing an internship and I had to save up to make it.

🤣 I felt super excited about making that much and ended up spending it on international exams and a “get rich quick” forex scheme that crashed 😩

Honestly, I wish I had invested more of that money (and wisely too).


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At 26, I provided consulting services to a firm trying to acquire an energy company and got paid 6.8million naira for the job.

It felt sweet when my bank manager called to confirm. I knew that it would be the first of many. So far so good.

It’s now a blur because we don rock many more millions but I reckon that I spent the first part at Coldstone.

I wish I had bought crypto back then.


I earned my first million through performance bonuses from my job when I was 23. It was exactly 1.1 million naira.

It came in two installments over a couple of months, so it didn’t really dawn on me till later. I was excited about seeing that amount in my account.

I invested the bulk of it in Agritech and stashed some away in a savings plan and a fixed deposit account (silly decision now that I think back).

Then I spent what was left. I should have spoken to a financial advisor sha.

I missed out on the opportunity to put the money in crypto and stocks!


I made my first million at 23 from selling digital products as an affiliate marketer. It was about a million-plus, I guess.

I didn’t really feel anything when it came in.

Spent some of the money on myself, gave to the church, helped people, bought stuff for people, and helped my family.

I also used the money to pay off some debt. I wish I had saved and invested some part of it at least.

How did you make your first million? Share your experience in the comments. Read other interesting articles on the blog.

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