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Halo Financial Services: An Introduction

This is an official introduction to Halo financial services, what we have to offer, and what you stand to gain.

Halo Financial Services offers banking, investment, and other financial services as a service to formal and informal communities. This enables communities to offer their members the products and tools necessary to plan, save, and invest to meet their financial goals.

Halo defines a community as any group of people with defined membership and identifiable leadership. This includes but is not restricted to; professional or trade associations, cooperatives, social clubs, and unions.

Our approach

1. Democratizing access:

We’ll be eliminating financial jargon and using simple language, so no one feels left out of financial conversations. We also meet people where they are, so you can engage with us however you feel most comfortable. If you’re techy, there’s an app; if you like face-to-face, we have a nationwide agent network.

2. Digital distribution:

We are a fully digital business; even our physical touchpoints are digitally enabled. We are using technology to make wealth creation easier, more accessible, more intelligent, more innovative, and more enjoyable. 

3. Community collaboration:

We have platforms and tools to help communities – regardless of size and type, collaborate more effectively and build wealth together.

4. Building trust through networks:

We leverage relationships within existing networks and drive trust through ratings and other social-proofing tools.

What makes Halo different from the competition?

We refer to this as the Halo Effect; we are one of the few companies in Nigeria with both an asset management and a microfinance bank license.

Halo Financial Services has two fully licensed companies, Halo Asset Management Ltd and Halo Microfinance Bank (formerly Enrich Microfinance Bank). With them, we can offer a full spectrum of financial services from basic banking to sophisticated investments.

In addition, our in-house wealth experts provide advisory support for our high-end customers. They also contribute to financial literacy content for our other customers.

Our Services

  • Banking: bank account, payments, savings, credit (loans & credit cards).
  • Investments: mutual funds, private funds, local & international equity and bonds, and more.
  • Sharia-compliant products: non-interest-bearing savings and investment products that are fully compliant with Islamic law.
  • Other financial services: insurance (through partnerships), financial advisory, and portfolio management.


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Our Channels

We want to serve as many people as possible, so we offer multi-platform, multi-channel access:

  1.  Invest: app-based access to comprehensive savings, investment, and credit products for communities with digitally confident members.
  2.  Direct: access to our full suite of products and services via a nationwide agent network. This is for communities with informal sector membership.
  3. Wealth: Active portfolio management for communities with more affluent and financially sophisticated members.

Communities also have several ways to engage with Halo:

  • White-labelling: mobile and/or web app, which will be fully branded for your community and managed by us.
  • Hosted communities: fully-branded environments within the Halo app, with administrative controls for community managers.
  • Single feature integration: API integration of specific functionalities into existing apps

What do Communities stand to gain from Halo Financial Services?

With Halo, communities of every size and type will benefit from:

  1. Mouth-watering incentives: communities will earn a percentage of Halo’s revenue from their members’ total activity, forever. So, everybody wins. (NOTE: revenue share does not come from members’ principal or earned interest).
  2. Stronger bonds: relationships between community members will improve as they reap the rewards of group participation and collaboration. Loyalty to the community will also improve as they build prosperity together.


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