5 Reasons Why Women Should Negotiate Their Pay

Negotiating salary is one important skill everyone needs when climbing the career ladder. A lot of women struggle to ask for more when it’s time to discuss pay with an employer or client. Unlike men, women aren’t encouraged to negotiate their pay, so as not to be seen as greedy or desperate. But this is a skill that women need to acquire in order to get what they deserve.

According to this 2020 survey by Glassdoor, 68% of women accepted the pay they were offered without negotiating. This further proves that not a lot of women have the confidence they need to know how to negotiate.

Whether you’re a freelancer, new to 9 to 5 work or you’re at the top of your career, here are 5 reasons why you should negotiate your salary as a woman.

1. It proves to your employer that you know your worth

Your confidence goes to a 100 when you know what you’re worth and you charge people for it.

Negotiating your salary with an employer allows you to get the best deal. Once they are aware of what you bring to the table: your skills, experience, and knowledge.

If you need a little motivation on how you can negotiate your salary, check out how famous women like Michaela Coel, Meryl Streep, Nicki Minaj, and Michelle Obama were able to negotiate their salary and got what they deserved.

2. Closed mouths don’t get fed

You’re doing a disservice to yourself when you don’t negotiate your salary.

People who later find out they could have been earning more in a certain role end up feeling cheated and regretting they didn’t negotiate.

You wouldn’t have to feel this way if you do your research and go into the interview knowing exactly how much you should be paid.

This also applies to asking for a promotion, asking for more or less responsibilities, going on leave when you should etc.

3. Inability to negotiate affects how you get paid

If you didn’t negotiate your salary before accepting your current role or gig, imagine how much you might have lost because you didn’t take that opportunity.

Negotiating your pay can cause a lot of anxiety but it is also worth it on the long run as you only stand to gain more.

When negotiating, you don’t just discuss your take home pay but the other benefits that come with the role.

Consider your annual leave, vacation leave, insurance, pension, and a lot more.

People who negotiate their salary are also more likely to get a raise or better pay in their current or next job.

4. Your current pay is likely to affect your next pay

When being interviewed for a job, the interviewer will most likely ask you “what was your pay in your previous role?”.

This is probably a question you don’t like to hear, but they are going to ask it anyways.

Coupled with your skills and experience, your previous pay gives them an idea of how much they want to pay.

The better you get at negotiating your pay, the more likely you are to get paid better.

5. Negotiating helps close the pay gap

You’ve probably heard stories of women not getting paid as much as their male colleagues working in the same role.

Sometimes, you’ll find out that this is because the male colleague asked for more, the woman didn’t negotiate well or the company was simply not willing to pay more.

Other things that contribute to the pay gap are qualifications, education and skills.

Understanding and assessing the salary range for a role helps you understand where to start from when negotiating. Don’t be too quick to accept the first offer.

Although gender pay gap isn’t the only pay gap affecting society, women deserve to be treated equally at work.

Have you ever negotiated your salary before? Tell us how you handled it in the comments, so other women can learn from you ✨

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