4 Money Lessons from Burna Boy’s Lyrics

The self-acclaimed African Giant, Burna Boy, who has been in the game since 2012, definitely has some money lessons that we can learn from his music.

When it comes to money, he doesn’t shy away from talking about it at every opportunity.

Back in 2019, he even created his own currency, Burna notes, a currency inspired by the African Giant album.

So, here are some hidden gems we picked up from his lyrics.


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1. Work For the Life You Want

For someone who refers to himself as the African Giant, you would think that the grind would end after gaining international acclaim, getting a song on Beyonce’s album, and winning his first grammy.

However, Burna Boy’s consistency is proof that the grind never ends. Just like his lyrics say – even Dangote, the richest man in Africa, is still working hard to make more money.

Dangote Dangote

Dangote still dey find money o

I no dey, I no dey

I no dey sleep on the money o

Who I be?

Who I be?

Wey make I no go find money o

I no dey send anybody o

Me I dey hustle gan gan

Dangote by Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s song, Dangote, is an anthem that motivates many Nigerians to keep on grinding.

The lyrics are your reminder to keep pushing to get what you want. This doesn’t always have to be money, just own what you do and be proud of it.

2. Spoil Your Friends Too

Money’s soon expected

Je ka won padi yen jen be

Anybody by Burnaboy

Everyone wants to make enough money to be able to spoil their friends and family and that’s exactly what Burna boy is trying to say in this verse.

When the money enters, let the people you love enjoy it with you. Celebrate your wins together.

If your friends are taking lessons from these lyrics too, then it means you will all aim to make enough to take care of each other. Goals!🙌

3. Life is Sweet When You’re Making Your Own Money

The lyrics from Burna’s song ‘Wetin man go do’ highlights the average Nigerian’s struggle to keep on trying even through life’s challenges.

Make the money chill and relax me

If the money dey we go faji oo

I go be the life of the party oo

Wetin man go do by Burna boy

This particular part of the song points to the fact that the hard work we put in is all worth it, as you can only flex and enjoy life when you have the money.

If you want to be the life of the party, you need to work towards that sweet life by putting your money where it can yield high returns.

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4. You Can Be Your Own Boss!

She get money like Otedola

She wan get more dollar

She no dey find anybody wey go control her, no no

Omo by Burna boy

These lyrics aren’t about empowerment but listening to these lines tell you that you can be in control of your life, your decisions, and your finances.

Whether your goal this year is to make more money or to start earning in dollars, it’s possible.

All the money lessons so far are telling you one thing – Don’t limit yourself.

We hope Burna Boy’s money moves also inspire you to keep making money, saving, investing and living your best life while at it😉 .

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10 Nigerians Give Financial Advice to Their Younger Selves

We went on our Twitter page to ask Nigerians what financial advice they would give their younger selves and got some interesting replies.

A lot of us probably have so much more to tell our younger self, but when it comes to money, what’s something you wish you had known or done better?


Halo Invest gives you access to the best financial insights, insider tips and tools to help you improve your relationship with money.



No lies detected here. It’s not enough to save money, you also have to make money, and here are some tips on how to make money doing what you love.



If you’re reading this, I hope you have started investing, if not, it’s not too late to start.

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The Nigerian dream. Imagine having bought Bitcoin back when it was a lot less expensive.



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Because having an early start to the career of your dreams gives you an edge.





We love to see it! Big ups to your younger self.

Let us know what financial advice you have for your younger self in the comments.


Start a Business With No Money in Your Account in 8 Ways

If you have been looking for a sign to start your business, this is it. It’s about time you started getting paid for your work and making more money, don’t you agree?

You might have had a business idea in your mind for so long but you keep procrastinating or you might just be looking for business ideas you can use.

Whatever the case, let me show you how you can make the most of the opportunities around you to get started now.


Halo Invest gives you access to the best financial insights, insider tips and tools to help you improve your relationship with money.


1. Work with What You Have

Stop waiting for that uncle or aunty that promised they will help fund your business, use the resources available to you.

There are a number of freelance sites like Fiverr where you can trade skills for money and build up your savings. If you are into writing, video editing, web design and more, the opportunities on this platform are endless.

You can also explore offline side gig options that help you learn more and build complementary skills. For example, if you are good at photography and editing but don’t have a camera, you can get a paying side gig as a photo editor.

Apply one skill to make money and save towards getting the other things you need to spend on for your business to get started.

Put out ads on your social media to let your network know you are available to offer your services and be sure to charge what you are worth!

If you need to create an online store to sell your goods, you can do that on platforms like Flutterwave, Instagram or Whatsapp instead of trying to build a website.

2. Get a Small Business Loan

Before you can start applying for a business loan, you’re going to need to have a well defined business plan. There are a lot of small business loan opportunities out there, you just have to be on the look out and ensure you are a suitable candidate.

This guide will help you land a business loan in Nigeria. Make sure you put a lot of thought into it before deciding to go this route. If you don’t desperately need to get a loan, then it probably shouldn’t be your first option. You should also be wary of high-interest loans and be sure you can pay back your loan to avoid running into debt.

3. Start Saving

If you are working a 9 to 5 or you have clients that pay for your services, it is important to start saving up a portion of your money towards fully starting out your business.

For instance, if your friends and family pay you to do their makeup and there are some kits you can’t afford to buy yet in order to improve your business, then save up money.

This way, you can eventually buy that makeup chair, ring light and other things you are in need of. Focus on the necessities. If you intend to own your own studio eventually, that’s a long-term saving goal you can work towards.

4. Search for Business Grants, Sponsorships and Local Opportunities

Do you have a unique and interesting business proposition that is sure to catch the attention of an investor and generate income in the long run?

Then you should look out for international and local grants and opportunities that will help your business.

With an effective business plan that shows your business is scalable, you’re sure to get a grant. Women can look out for grants, fellowships, and more on AGS Tribe, you can also apply for Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme. There are many more grants and programmes you can find online.


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5. Get Support from Friends

This doesn’t always have to be in form of financial support but if your friends are financially able to sponsor or fund your business, pitch to them to show them why they should.

Show them the potential of your business so that they can be sold on it.

Even if they cannot provide financial support, they can use their network to connect you to potential clients that need your product or service.

They can also give you feedback, opinions or directions that will allow you to better navigate and position your business.

Speak well of your business and provide quality service that allows those around you to patronize and refer you to others. Let them help you in whatever ways they can.

6. Watch out for Angel Investors

Besides getting financial aid from friends and family, getting an angel investor who wants to put money in your business in exchange for equity will go a long way.

An angel investor can provide their expertise on how to effectively manage the business which is the assistance you will need in pushing your business forward.

It is a partnership, so you must make sure you are negotiating a fair deal that favors both parties to avoid conflict in the future.

Here are a couple of things you should know about angel investors, before considering one.

7. Be Willing to Take Risks

Starting a business isn’t exactly a bed of roses, but it shouldn’t terrify you either.

In order to start your business, you need to come to terms with the fact that you might not make a profit immediately, it can be a slow process and you might even make losses at the start.

So, once you have decided to put some money into your business, make sure you are putting a reasonable amount that you are willing to let go of if losses spring up.

Don’t put all your money in the business, instead focus on growing with what you have and cutting losses. Investing in your business is a big step and you need to be ready to take it.

8. Get a Business Partner

It’s never too early for this. You can pitch your business idea to a friend or anyone in your network who is likely to show interest and see the potential for your business growth.

This person should be someone who is able to bring something to the table in terms of either skill, resources, or/and networks.

If you are only good at executing work and you struggle with handling finances, then you need someone who knows their numbers well, maybe an accountant to work with you.

When it comes to marketing, if creating content and relating to people is not your strongest forte, this is something you can learn and get better at till your business is up and running and needs more hands on deck.

Otherwise, you can get a business partner willing to take on this role.

So what are you waiting for? Get your business started today. You can share this article with a friend who is considering starting their own business too.


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If the Nigerian Naira Notes Could Speak, What Would They Say?

For Nigerians living in Nigeria, the naira is a huge part of our lives.

We use it to take care of everything from food and transportation to shopping and the occasional dash.

However, we do this without thinking about what the naira notes must feel, especially seeing as they have depreciated in value over the years.

In today’s article, we interview the naira notes to find out what their experiences have been like in the hands of Nigerians and what it feels like to be a country’s main medium of exchange.


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5 Naira

48 years in circulation

I have been around since Yakubu Gowon was the President of Nigeria and I have never felt more useless.

Clearly, no one cares about me or even remembers that I exist. You see, back in the days, I used to be a big deal.

Even more recently, like in 2001, you could buy at least 3 cubes of Maggi with me. Now, you’re probably spending around 50 naira to buy 5 cubes.

Before, any child would have been lucky to receive me as a gift. Today, when you see me in your wallet, you wonder how I got there.

You can’t even buy pure water with me.

The biggest mistake the government made was to upgrade me to polymer notes. Abeg, just shred me into pieces, let Tafawa Balewa rest… let me rest.

10 Naira

48 years in circulation

If we are being honest, when last did you see me? When last did you need me?

It’s things like this that make me question my existence.

When you give a vendor 50 naira for an item worth 40 naira, instead of looking for me, they will give you another item worth my price or you will tell them to keep the change.

I am that naira note that is forced into your thoughts sometimes but is rarely ever in your hands.

People only get excited to see me on days when they are gathering change, trying to complete their transport money or buy pure water.

The government really thought they did a thing when they put Alvan Ikoku’s face on me, but LOL. He would be disappointed to find out what I am worth today.

20 Naira

48 years in circulation

All I can say is that even with the state of the economy, this is my time to shine!

In 2001, you could buy a can of sardines with two of me. Today, people spend about 300 naira on that same can of sardines.

I had a pretty good life until people started to forget about me.

But now, as things are becoming more expensive, I’ve taken over 10 naira’s job as spare change.

I’m that note that Nigerians have no choice but to look for, to “balance” their money.

It feels so good to be wanted again and I am honestly grateful to the ones who rely on me for the little things like buying pencils, biro, envelopes, or getting a photocopy done at a cyber cafe.

50 Naira

30 years in circulation

I used to be super popular at some point… The ultimate wallet buddy, always at hand for transportation and snacks.

With me, you knew you were covered. From Gala to Caprisonne, I could make things happen for you.

Now, I hear they have increased the prices of most of these things even though they don’t make them like they used to.

I feel sorry for Nigerians, but I feel neglected too.

Last time, I was in a man’s wallet for over a month without being spent. I felt so intimidated living with ₦500 and ₦1000 notes, watching them go in and out all the time. They were living the life that I wanted.

100 naira

22 years in circulation

22 years of being spent by Nigerians and nothing to show for it. You can’t even buy a bottle of Coke or Pepsi with me anymore. You need ₦20 naira to balance the seller before you can quench your thirst on sunny days.

Too bad there’s no such thing as a tooth fairy in Nigeria, I would have made major guest appearances under little children’s pillows. At least someone would have looked forward to having me.

In 2002, if you got stopped by a policeman, all you had to do was squeeze me into his hands and he would smile with all his teeth and let you off. But now, you can’t even try it before I worsen the situation and they vex.

At this point, with how expensive things are, Nigerians are running based on vibes.


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200 Naira

21 years in circulation

They weren’t lying when they called me the life of the party. Ask about me at weddings, burials, and other celebratory gatherings. I have never missed an owambe in my life.

I still remember the year the government warned against the spraying of money at parties, I thought that was going to be my end. But that was when I realized you cannot stop the culture, Nigerians will still spray money!

There are women who will wait at the gates of parties waiting for party-goers to bring their wads of ₦500 and ₦1000 notes in exchange for ₦200 mint notes for a small fee. Even the rich big men do this to ensure their money doesn’t finish all at once.

It’s quite impossible to be at a party without me being sprayed. The bride will dance with so much glee as her family and friends spray her money. Then, the bridesmaid will rush to pick up the money and put it into bags to be counted after the wedding.

I always look forward to taking breaks with construction workers when we go to buy bread and a drink or a plate of rice from the nearest ‘mama put’.

I’m also happy about the fact that you can still buy enough Indomie to fill you up with 200 naira or less.

500 Naira

20 years in circulation

Not going to lie, Nigerians have seen me finish.

There are only a few 500 naira notes in the country that aren’t supported by cellotape from people constantly trying to make sure my worn-off parts can still be put together for spending.

This used to be 100 naira’s domain but here we are.

Honestly, I would prefer not to talk about my experience in the hands of Nigerians. It upsets me more knowing that this is my reality.


16 years in circulation

I have the faces of two past CBN Governors on me and while I don’t mind it, that has not helped build my self-confidence in any way.

A Nigerian can feel on top of the world with ₦1000 in his pocket but the moment you spend ₦100 from it, that is the end. The money will finish in a second.

I gave up on trying to compete with the dollar a long time ago, let somebody else take on the job.

I remember one time I got lost in Lagos, I was on the floor of a street in Yaba for hours on a Saturday evening.

The ground was cold and wet from the night’s rain and I felt so alone. The worst part is, people just kept looking at me and walking past without picking me up.

Three people attempted to pick me up but I guess they were afraid of turning into yam.

This kept happening until a young man that dropped his book picked me up as he picked his book.

He took me to the nearest kiosk and bought himself amala and soup with a soft drink. Now, I don’t encourage stealing, but it was better than being wasted for nothing.

All you need is 10 of me in your wallet and you can paint the whole of Lagos red with enjoyment. Sadly, for some Nigerians, that’s how much they earn. I hope things get better for my brothers and me.

If the naira note in your pocket could speak, what would it say?

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